Release Week

I feel like I have “released” this EP 402,029 times already, but July 15th was the date and I played a couple of shows last week to celebrate.

My friends Anna Harris and Katie Lessley joined me at Superfly Records in San Marcos for a set. Playing in a real record store is about as inspirational as you can get, and we had ourselves a grand time. Then I hustled myself on out of there before I blew my rent money on new albums.

Anna and some sweet violin at Superfly’s

Katie sangin’ a song we wrote!

Another neat thing, at the house concert this weekend…my friends James and Sandy surprised me with LIFESIZED ALBUM ARTWORK. A giant mouth with legs that SWING! And a canvas version of the EP cover. Amazing. These WILL be showing up in things, so watch for them. I am in awe of these folks’ talent and patience…because that mouth has a lot of lines in it!

(Thanks to Spring and Kelly for these photos cuz I stole ’em).


  1. Love the life-sized artwork! I have waited sp long for this release and I am so glad it has finally happened. I still can’t believe just how amazing the songs are and I hope you get the success you deserve with this EP!

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