I saw this quote on the wall at the Country Music Hall of Fame and it stuck with me. No one is cooler than Dolly Parton. No one.

L.A. Life

25 Nov

Gin and tonic: $17. Feeling of importance after wearing a plaid shirt and sneakers into the Chateau Marmont: priceless. Adventures with @mandyrowden = 👌

How to get into the Chateau Marmont:

1) Wear matching plaid shirts and sporty Adidas kicks.
2) Gaze in wonder at the magnificent beauty and gravitas of the hostess in the parking lot. Walk up and ask if you can get a drink in the bar like that’s what you’re gonna do.
3) Parking Lot Hostess Who Looks Like Queen of Spain will whisper conspiratorially, “Go in, just avoid the hostess stand.”
4) Go in, avoid hostess stand. Sit on fancy couch in dark lounge. Order drinks. Gaze at other patrons and guess which ones are screenwriters (most).
5) When Hostess To Avoid notices you and asks, “Have you checked in?” – swirl ice in glass to imply you are Paying Customers.
6) Hostess to Avoid will gasp and apologize for inconvenience. Continue drinking gin & tonic.
7) Pay $17 for gin & tonic, $5 for baby Diet Coke in Glass Bottle.
8 ) Upon leaving, two girls who have just been turned down by Parking Lot Hostess Who Looks Like Queen of Spain will ask you, “Were you just in there? Is it busy? She said it was.”
9) Apologetically say it was not and point them to this guide.

Here with Mandy Rowden to make some photo and video magic this weekend…we’ll try not to get kicked out of too many places.


An iconic scene in a movie full of iconic scenes.


If you’re doing it right, anyway.

I was just reading this article, one of those listicles about kicking butt at life. I have to be in the right mood to swallow these but I enjoyed this one. I especially liked this point:

Don’t compete with others. Make them compete with you.

Most people are competing with other people. They continuously check-in to see what others in their space (their “competition”) are doing. As a result, they mimic and copy what’s “working.” Conversely, you’ve left all competition behind. Competing with others makes absolutely zero sense to you. It pulls you from your authentic zone. So you zone out all the external noise and instead zone in to your internal pressure to produce.

I think that’s what slows a lot of us down, myself included. Comparison to other people and their progress and path just slows a person down. Sitting at the “cool kids’ table” means that your mind is off the purpose, you’re looking around, trying to chart a path based on outside input. That all takes away from your time to make and create for yourself.

Granted, I always thinks it’s good to take note of what is going on around you, because operating in a vacuum is its own kind of mistake sometimes but…overall, get up from the table and do something.

Pie (Nov Blog 23/30)

23 Nov

There is only one best way. Happy Thanksgiving!



I always have the best of intentions on planes, and I do get good writing done. I also listen to whole complete albums on planes and I find that works wonderfully. I once wrote the best bridge I have ever written on a plane back from Washington, D.C.

Other times, like this trip to Albuquerque…I just sleep. The exhaustion sets in and nothing can stop me, not even the turbulence.

You can put chile, red or green, on anything. I have put it in oatmeal, on pizza, on hotdogs, on desserts. If they made red chile Oreos the world would be a better place.


What an incredible show by @shawn_colvin tonight! And getting to see @meadowsdrums do his thang was a joy. Thanks for coming home to Austin and playing for us. ❤️

I had the pleasure of witnessing Shawn Colvin play through her entire “A Few Small Repairs” album on Monday night. It’s the 20th anniversary of the album coming out, and also the first time she’s toured with a band in 20 years. It all came together incredibly at The Paramount in Austin, on the last night of her tour. Every song on that album is gold, it is perfectly sequenced, it takes you on a journey. It still sounds fresh after 20 years, the hallmark of a great record. Not all of them manage to do that…most don’t.

I highly recommend a re-listen if you haven’t in a while (or a listen if you never have)…

I call it pumpkin cake. Several of my family members call them “pumpkin bars.” I disagree even though the recipe, passed on from my Grandma herself, says “bars.” I contend that a bar is a denser, more compact type of dessert. A cake is fluffier, with a more crumby texture. I even have Google on my side, but my mom and sisters still maintain bar status with these.

WHATEVER IT IS (cake), it is delicious. Cream cheese frosting. The perfect density for a fluffiness but not dry, ever. I think the skill for baking has skipped me, but my mom and sister have the gift thank goodness.

Mom brought pumpkin cake! #cake #pumpkin


I thought I’d try to chart the comings and goings of the various guitars in my life…I have bought and sold many an instrument.

The top of the heap is still my trusty Martin OM-15. It sounds amazing and looks like a fudgsicle. What more does one need?

Martin guitar: check. Little Martin guitar: check. Lady Gaga saint candle: check. How can I lose at this gig? @lemon_atx 8 PM!

Note: I included basses in this list (because, the term is “bass guitar”) but not other stringed things like mandolins, which I only play in the dark, alone, with no one around anyway.