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Nostalgia, man…it’s powerful.

I took a while to put this up, probably to prolong the good vibes of travel. I had a blast of a day in London…including a stop at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Grill, which makes the 3rd Ramsay establishment I have visited. Gotta catch ’em all! I also entertained my macabre side with a Jack the […]

Because…a glut is a good thing? Scroll down and go up for chronological order! Vlog 34: Isle of Wight Vlog 33: Edinburgh Vlog 32: Dublin to Glasgow

Vlog 29: Secret Stuff

26, Jul 2016


Vlog 27: New Mexico

14, Jul 2016

Vlog 26: Sick Vlog

30, Jun 2016

A little run across the border to Oklahoma…and then we turned right back around.

Vlog No. 23: Speak Up

13, Jun 2016

Another violent act in our country. Something has to be done.

Vlog No. 22: Random

10, Jun 2016

It’s so random.