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A Year of Vlogging

1, Feb 2017

Last January I decided fairly on the spot that I was going to start making weekly vlogs. I didn’t make a “do it for a year” mandate for myself, but once I got halfway through I kinda made that self-decision that I’d keep going until January 2017. We’re there. It’s been a wild and fun […]

Just a little catch up in vlog world… and a TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS! What a city.

42 Vlogs!  Amazing.  Also I have this really crazy run going with these last 3: 40: T-Swift 41: Mary Chapin 42: THE BOSS Not that there’s pressure for 43 but maybe a little. Anyway…I got to meet Bruce Springsteen and my tattoo is half done and life’s ok from over here.

Vlog 41: MCC Edition

30, Nov 2016

Roadtrips and good friends and coffee and Mary Chapin Carpenter. These are a few of my favorite things!

What a fantastic show. And a fantastic day. Thanks Melinda Ann and Taylor!

It was a very Swift week, starting with a little detour north to Dallas for the State Fair (!) and the museum-like Taylor Swift Experience. Join me and my new hat.

In which I am very excited to see Taylor Swift in Austin and just putting that thing out to the universe that is called “The Ask.” 🙂

Lots of playing music…on guitar and on disc!

Nostalgia, man…it’s powerful.

I took a while to put this up, probably to prolong the good vibes of travel. I had a blast of a day in London…including a stop at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Grill, which makes the 3rd Ramsay establishment I have visited. Gotta catch ’em all! I also entertained my macabre side with a Jack the […]