Phew! We left home August 5th, and we’ll head back after the Lubbock show tonight. It’s been a pretty spectacular tour, with grand views, great gigs, nice people, friendly hosts, excellent food…I know people gush on social media in superlatives but we had ourselves a pretty good time if I do say so. Some highlights of the random sort:

We saw Straight Outta Compton in Casper, WY.
I have been reading Jerry Heller’s book “Ruthless” as well. Good stuff.

Flathead Lake in Montana was smoky from the fires but it made for spooky photos…

Matthew McConaughey was down the road from my mom filming a movie called Gold in Albuquerque. I kept tabs on the catering tent.

We got to hang with my guitar hero Michael O’Connor in Denver and he and Susan did a great Concert Window show

I heard it’s not 1000 degrees in the San Marcos/Austin area so I think it’s safe to head back. Next on the plate: teaching class at Girl Guitar this fall! Join me!


Long time no blog again! Like…for all of August. We’ve been having a great tour across the Northwest and are in the last week of it all – winding it down in New Mexico. We’ve had great gigs and hung out with some great people!

Look at all those cool shirts!

We’ve been shooting some hoops.

And the scenery is not bad!

And lots happening in the Fall…but for now, Instagram will have to do for a tour diary!

I had a really great time in Los Angeles…learned a lot about the city, played some music, heard lots more music, and met some really awesome folks! Grandmaster tour leader and connector of all things LA, Toni Koch from The Talent Tree Presents, was my hostess and chauffeur. I played an open mic at Kulak’s Woodshed on Monday night and met Kerrie Garside, a lovely and talented Australian songwriter in L.A. for the month. Jimi Yamagishi from SongNet loaned me a guitar for my stay because flying with guitars is, still in this advanced age of 2015, not very advisable. Yay Jimi!

The next night we played the Talent Tree night at 55 Degree Wine, and Kerrie and I had a great time joined by Teresa Crespo Hartendorp. Great venue and nice folks!

Wednesday I got to EAT LUNCH IN BEVERLY HILLS, Y’ALL (and take a bathroom selfie) at an AIMP luncheon about music in video games. Networking…it’s how we do.

I also got to have a chat with Kyler England, a songwriter I have been a fan of for a while and who is just…really amazing. It’s great when people let you pick their brains. I promise to only always pick brains for good, not for evil. (That sounds like a zombie thing). Anyway, listen to Kyler here.

Overall, great connections were made and I can’t wait to go back!

On the wall at Joanne

Of course, since I spent a whole post on dinner in Vegas, I have to offer due diligence to the East Coast trip…and yes, we ate well. You’d think this has turned into a food blog. I don’t know, maybe it has. Food and traveling for music go hand in hand.

My one request tourist and culinary-wise for our NYC stay was Joanne Trattoria…owned by Joe and Cynthia Germanotta, parents of Lady Gaga. I am a fan girl, and I’m proud. Plus, I mean, I’ll eat pasta in the name of almost any musician…this is not a hard task.

Joanne was definitely a treat, though. It’s located around the corner from Lincoln Center, and we went early in the day so there wasn’t a crowd yet.

But strangely I still felt a little crowded on the sidewalk outside.

We all ordered coffee which…a lot of places I go, the coffee is an afterthought. Maybe NYC is different, maybe Italian restaurants are different, maybe Joanne just knows that coffee is pretty much the staff of life and one should not serve a bad cup…but this was amazing. It came with a crema on top, which maybe it was espresso, except it was coffee, and I am not good at this stuff, but it was heaven. THIS IS NOT A FOOD BLOG. I had two cups.

They brought us bread, and we ordered. I went with the signature dish, Joanne’s spaghetti and meatball. I mean, what else can you say about a meatball that looks like this?

Everything tasted great; the meatball had the right ratio of…meat stuff (I’m sure there were several ingredients happening here) to bread crumbs. The sauce had a little zing to it and tasted fresh. I did not have an ArtPop cocktail but maybe next time.

Yep, this is definitely not gonna turn into a foodie blog since the best I can describe is often “foooood gooood want mooooore.” But I mean, I’m totally going back to Joanne when I get a chance. Paws up.


Shout out to Aqua Thai in Philadelphia because my pineapple chicken CAME IN A PINEAPPLE Y’ALL.

After a road trip through the wildest of the West, it was over to New York and Pennsylvania with Susan for some rare (and hopefully now, less rare) East Coast shows. We know a NYC local, so we got the grand walking tour of the city (thanks, Norma!). I wore inappropriate shoes. I tried really hard to wear appropriate ones, except I really don’t ever wear real shoes, so my normally flip-flopped and free toes were freaking at the walls suddenly encasing them. Lesson learned, next time I think I’ll wear Chacos and avoid puddles.

New York is, of course, exactly what you think it is. All that stuff you see in the movies and photographs – the skyline, the activity, the brownstones, the subway…that’s what it is. Texas is so car-centric that it was awesome to be able to walk or subway everywhere for a change.

What am I looking at? I probably thought I saw Tina Fey.

No lie, anyone can walk across the bridge and see this view.

After a fun show at Hill Country BBQ in Manhattan which is like walking into a Texas BBQ place in, well…Manhattan, we headed down to Bleeker Street where I got to play a tune. Then my friend Stephanie and I talked philosophy and religion on the street outside The Bitter End. It was like the 60’s.

We headed down to Bethlehem and Philadelphia. More historical things. Awesome shows with Susan and Christine Havrila.

And now, back in Texas for a minute. I am getting reacquainted with my apartment…my neighbors don’t think I really live here, but they check on my plants, so it’s cool.

Hello from fabulous Cedaredge, CO! I like this town. We played at Starr’s Guitars last night and it was hard not to once again spend all my money on an instrument. Luckily I kept it in my wallet (but did acquire a cool strap for the Taylor I bought in Bozeman). I’ve been trying to sneak in little practice sessions when I can because my CD Release Show at Strange Brew in Austin will be here before I know it. Hey, did I mention there’s a CD Release at Strange Brew in Austin? September 11, 2014! 8 PM! ALL THE SPECIAL GUESTS! More on that in another post.

The weekend was spent in Kansas, a state I consider my half homeland. My grandparents lived in Rush Center (approximately: the middle of nowhere) for years and I spent many a family trip there as a kid. My aunt and uncle came over to Garden City to the Tumbleweed Festival to see us which was awesome. I don’t see family near as much as I want and it’s always a treat when we cross paths. Or when they drive to see us play!

Steamboat Springs, CO started off nicely. We had a double rainbow to enjoy.

Then some jerk took off the driver’s side mirror while we were parked on the street and didn’t leave a note. I still suspect a city bus because our mirrors are high. I’m looking at you, Steamboat Springs.

I got to camp out in a little cabin here in Cedaredge last night. I’ve also been reading a book about the Dust Bowl, so this photo by Susan made me feel like a settler, except settlers couldn’t hop in a Sprinter and drive away.

It’s been a while!  We’ve been trucking all over the Western United States (well, about 5 of them, anyway).  Sometimes there’s no internet in these lovely places.  Sometimes AT&T decides you’ve used too much off network data and bricks your phone.  Luckily, we’re back in AT&T radius I guess.  I have a phone and thanks to some kind hosts, I have wifi!

We’ve had a grand time on this trip…fun gigs and some really lovely scenery.

Some highlights…

My friend Lara is Albuquerque made this amazing cake for my EP release in my hometown. It tasted as good as it looks. Open wide!

Don Richmond joined Susan for a great show in Del Norte, CO. These two are my favorites and together…whoa! We get to join Don again in Alamosa, CO for a show on Labor Day.

Did I mention the scenery? We’ve seen some grand things in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and yes…Kansas.

We played Girls’ Night Out in Saratoga, Wyoming…and I’m still now sure why but we had to go all the way to Wyoming to hear this great duo named Whippoorwill…because they’re from Austin. I’m not one for late night post-show jams but hanging out with these girls made my weekend. So glad we live in the same state!

That’s it from Glenn and Lynn’s awesome dining room table in Pueblo, CO. Two more weeks with some pretty fun shows and we are back home. More scenery awaits!

You pretty much know it’s an interesting venue when this sign is posted:


This past weekend Susan played the Tumbleweed Festival in Garden City, Kansas. The festival happened to take place on the grounds of the local zoo, which made things even cooler.


The sun bears (which I had never heard of and they walked weirdly on the sides of their feet, so I’m not so sure about the “bearness” of them) were right next to one of the stages and while they remained mostly docile, they had some outbursts. Not during Susan’s set, which must mean she appeals to a large swath of bears and non-bears. I also gave my treatise about how Mother Nature has been trying to kill the Panda off for decades and Susan was a little bit appalled, but really. Their own genetics don’t want to them to exist. And they’re hardly in the bear family. She called me a Panda-ist.


It was good to see the flatness of Kansas again, it had been a while. Same oil field grasshoppers and grain elevators I remembered. Oh, and bright green alien grass and cows.


I just got back from a 10 day jaunt through the Southeast with Susan Gibson, troubadour and driver extraordinaire. We had some house concerts, some venue gigs, and a couple of days off in gorgeous Augusta, where our generous hosts FINALLY met my demands and separated the M&M’s for me, because the yellow ones taste off and don’t try to tell me different. (I’m just kidding, we don’t demand anything…especially concerning M&M’s because all chocolate is good chocolate, but I’m shocked they had the patience and wherewithal to do that!)


Thanks to the magic of the internet, I was able to keep some things moving with JANANNA…the brand new folk-rap duo with Anna Harris about to take Austin, Texas by storm (and beyond). Via email, recording on iPhones, and the amazing Google Doc tools, we managed to keep writing songs whilst 1200 miles apart. Thank you, technology and Steve Jobs (and ok, Bill Gates too). Our new website was born and we are working on blog content. There’s already some reads up there, go see!


This week I get to take the stage with 3 of my favorite musicians and people – Katie Lessley, Emily Shirley, and Anna Harris (of Jananna!).  We’ll be singing and laughing and having a great time.  Gigs listed on the tour page, as always.

Jana Katie Anna Emily

Brittany S. Pierce Quote

Life’s been busy being lived! I had a fun time in Arkansas and Oklahoma with Susan last week…we had one day where we woke up in Fort Smith, AR…drove to Okmulgee, OK for a private shindig, kept driving for a show that night outside Oklahoma City…she played the show, and we got in the van and drove to Fort Worth to sleep. That was a long day, but enormously productive. Also informative, as I learned there is an all-you-can-eat buffet in Oklahoma called “Chair Crushers.” I can’t make this stuff up. We did not go in.

One of the highlights was jamming at a music school in Texarkana with Lily, our dear buddy Tiffany Shea‘s daughter…Lily is clearly going to be a rock star. I hope she hires me to play keys in her band. Tiny, tiny keys.


Susan did a great set of tunes on Good Morning Arkansas in Little Rock…here are the anchors figuring out what to say for “Kick Back Friday.”

Good Morning Arkansas

Amy Garland had us on her show, KABF Backroads, in Little Rock before our show at Hibernia Tavern that night. She is a gem.

Amy Garland

And to top it all off, Susan and Elizabeth filled the room at Live Oak Music Hall in Fort Worth last week and it was magical. Magical like a unicorn.

Elizabeth Wills and Susan Gibson