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It’s A Zoo Out There

29, Aug 2013

You pretty much know it’s an interesting venue when this sign is posted: This past weekend Susan played the Tumbleweed Festival in Garden City, Kansas. The festival happened to take place on the grounds of the local zoo, which made things even cooler. The sun bears (which I had never heard of and they walked […]

I just got back from a 10 day jaunt through the Southeast with Susan Gibson, troubadour and driver extraordinaire. We had some house concerts, some venue gigs, and a couple of days off in gorgeous Augusta, where our generous hosts FINALLY met my demands and separated the M&M’s for me, because the yellow ones taste […]

Be A Unicorn

10, May 2013

Life’s been busy being lived! I had a fun time in Arkansas and Oklahoma with Susan last week…we had one day where we woke up in Fort Smith, AR…drove to Okmulgee, OK for a private shindig, kept driving for a show that night outside Oklahoma City…she played the show, and we got in the van […]

California Part Deux

24, Feb 2013

More random shots from Huntington Beach. Typical tourist? Yes I am. Patio flower gazing… Some houses in Santa Monica near McCabe’s Guitar Shop. We just saw the sign, not L.A. AND A PELICAN! He knows how to make tourists feed him.


23, Feb 2013

I LOVE THIS STATE. I’ve had some super fun trips to the Bay Area but never spent any time in SoCal, so when a good friend said Susan and Elizabeth should play in Huntington Beach, that sounded like a great idea. I would move here, but I’d need a job and all I’d really want […]

We have had a delightful time driving through the Southeast this past week…we found red and orange leaves when we hit the Carolinas, thank goodness….Fall hadn’t hit Texas yet. The whole trip has also revealed that the stereotype of Southern Hospitality is alive and well. We stopped at Waffle House in Baton Rouge. One of […]

Tour Wrap

13, Sep 2012

Yep, we were gone for 5 weeks and everyone survived, even the chihuahua. It was a fun, relaxing, hard-working, scenic trip to Washington and back and we landed back almost where we began, in Taos, NM for the Big Barn Dance. One of the most enjoyable festivals around! Radney Foster snuck in a few tunes […]

We had a great time at the Snowy Range Music Festival in Laramie this weekend…we got there a day early to see Macy Gray (Susan noted that a good Macy cover band should be called the Gracy Mays). I really only knew Macy from her big 1999 album and the song “I Try”…and her hair. […]

Lamp. One of five. Hello from Casper, WY where the venue tonight gave us TWO HOTEL ROOMS which means I AM IN MY VERY OWN HOTEL ROOM. Thank you Jimmy and the Wonder Bar! Now, we have had a great time on this tour and a lot of fun, but as Suz points out, for […]

We have had a swell time this trip. A lot of it has been good pacing on the shows and driving and rest days, and a lot of it is we know some nice people in gorgeous places. After Bozeman we headed to Flathead Lake where the Gibson Family has a cabin and stayed up […]