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13, Feb 2012

I’m sad and I don’t even know why. If I started rattling off my favorite singers it would probably take me a long time to get to Whitney, just because she was never huge on my radar. I was a teenager when the VH-1 Divas Live thing came around, and there was no doubt Whitney […]

Et cetera

7, Dec 2011

Sometimes I want to post and can’t bring myself to write an opus or anything remotely coherent. I’m pulling a “make a list post” card because I can. Shout out to my list sistah Katie. – Gym Class Heroes‘ new album is fun to listen to and keeping my attention for multiple weeks. It’s rap, […]

Welcome to a new series here on – the stream of consciousness type. Go! that is so crazy that this venue has not immediately called or emailed me back to say “hell yes” and “let’s book this” and “let’s get crazy on the promo!” i mean, i was cordial if not overly exclamatory in […]