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Keep Every Connection

28, Sep 2011

Well, not the bad ones. Kick those bad connections to the curb before they suck the life out of you. I’m talking about the mental filing cabinet of folks you know, because it’s really fun to flick through the files every so often and pull out two people and stick them together. Good friends do […]

Krav Oh-Maga

15, Sep 2011

This is me trying to look alive after class. Trying. I haven’t had the guts to make a video at krav maga class, as it is only week 1, but I think I’ll be able to sneak some footage here soon. My roommate and Rubicon Year artist, Heather, is in the class, too….THANK GOODNESS. Since […]

Kick It

29, Aug 2011

I’d like to kick this Texas heat wave into the next galaxy.  We had a great time frolicking in Montana and Washington, where it was usually in the 80’s as a high.  Here in Austin the low at night is about 77, and it’s been 105 – 111 during the day.  Our air conditioner can […]

Daniel Barrett at work! I’ve mentioned Rubicon on my blog a bit but here is my formal (but still dressed in business casual) introduction in this new series of posts. Many of you have followed my blog long enough to know I’ve worked with Daniel Barrett, formerly of Red Leaf School of Music, for several […]