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Great Albums 2015

27, Dec 2015

Everyone’s doing end of the year lists! I wanna do one! Lots of stuff was spinning on my playlists this year (I guess playlists don’t spin, whatever), and here’s a non-comprehensive list of things you should check out. Brandy Zdan – Brandy Zdan (listen) Brandy is one of the coolest-but-still-grounded people I know, and that […]

Happy One Year Release Anniversary of T-Swift’s album 1989! The internet told me so. It’s a long and winding road to get to where I am today, an unabashedly fervent fan of Taylor Swift. I had the thought for this post after a mildly hectic morning braving the elements of nature here in Texas – […]

Adore You Lyric Video

17, Oct 2014

For the sensitive among you…and we’re all a little sensitive.

Allow me to blog this topic again. Always…I am always self-justifying my pop music addiction (affliction?). Usually to myself, not even to the outside world. Perhaps people don’t “get” it, as they scroll past my Facebook updates and I have posted another Gaga video, and while I take the occasional “ew that is crap” comment […]

Music I Liked in 2013

30, Dec 2013

These end of the year list things are always fun and popular, but I can’t keep track of a whole year, people. It’s hard to remember what is a 2013 release. The fact of the matter is my listening habits have shifted with the rest of the world and I listen to a lot of […]

When Folk Meets Gaga

1, Nov 2013

Kids. I am not even kidding. We are having such an amazing time making this EP. If you all like it 1/8 as much as we have loved making it, you will dig it. I think you will. Right now, as I type, Dan is playing some killer electric guitar on the fastest, rockingest, most […]

Throw You Forward

25, May 2013

This week I got to spend an afternoon with Dan over at Rubicon Artist Development making an acoustic demo of one of my newer songs. I’m really proud of this love song that doesn’t mention the word “love” at all…that’s how I roll. I also think people should cover it…Susan Gibson and Elizabeth Wills did […]

We did it again, and Gaga did it again. SG and I went to see our 2nd Gaga show and the Lady managed to make it just as cool as the first one. Last time we dressed up, and this time we just slummed it, which was fine because I’ve been too busy to think […]

Pop Music

24, Sep 2012

Psssssst. Hey, my name is Jana and I love pop music. First point: Lady Gaga tickets have been acquired for January, 2013. It’s on. Second point: Dan pointed out that I seem to constantly amaze myself when I admit I do like the sugar-coated world of beats and repetitive choruses and autotune, but I really […]