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Pecania Redux

12, Nov 2011

You best believe we went back.

Crazy in the Car

22, Oct 2011

Susan edited this piece together…see what she puts up with?

Play Music and Drive

15, Aug 2011

Hector the Ice Baby

3, Aug 2011

July 4th Part 2

24, Jul 2011

I’ve been slow at editing this, at blogging at everything. We hit the road for a month yesterday so I spent all week trying to prepare for it. Tying up loose ends at home, mostly, but those never get completely tied. I’m like a beginning shoe-lacer, where I get it to look ok and then […]

There’s nothing to say, really.

Panic Attack

13, Jul 2011

I unwittingly caused a ruckus from my very caring and helpful Facebook community by posting this photo and titling it “Busted Door Panel.” Which it is, exactly. We were walking through downtown Springer, NM (maybe I was trudging, I don’t know)…and I have this Hipstamatic app on my phone that makes everything look cooler. Some […]

Tweet Thins

15, Jun 2011

I found this amusing. These photos are in chronological order. Awwwkward!

Social Media Day!

2, May 2011

On April 19th, about halfway through our 2 week tour, Susan and I decided not to speak to each other for a full day and only Facebook or Tweet at each other. I edited together some of the highlights, so that you can see how mundane life on the road actually is sometimes. It was […]


20, Mar 2011

Did I mention I have watched a lot of PBS? And I was home sick for 3 days? Stir crazy geek alert.