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Wide Open Spaces

13, Feb 2014

Thanks to Bob for posting this from his house concert in Pearland, TX last year. I love it when I get to play along to this song!

A1A and Louisiana

11, Feb 2014

Last month I had the fun of joining my friend Elizabeth Butler for her music video shoot outside of New Orleans. I played acoustic guitar on her song A1A (Settin’ Myself Free) and she asked if I would join in. Kira Small (from Nashville) and Solveig Whittle (from Seattle) were also going to be there, […]

Note 1: Day 3 of my Kickstarter for my next record and WOW. I am humbled and frankly dumbfounded by the generosity that has been shown. I kind of figured I’d be pre-selling a lot of $5 downloads (which is awesome) and threw in the house concert option as an “It’ll round out the list” […]


31, Aug 2013

I’ve been inspired by a whole mess of people on acoustic guitar but lately I’ve been hesitantly (but with love and enthusiasm) paying a little more attention to my electric playing.  I aim to incorporate it more into what I do live, and I’ve been looking at the folks who taught me what I like.  […]


23, Feb 2013

I LOVE THIS STATE. I’ve had some super fun trips to the Bay Area but never spent any time in SoCal, so when a good friend said Susan and Elizabeth should play in Huntington Beach, that sounded like a great idea. I would move here, but I’d need a job and all I’d really want […]

Uke It Good

12, Oct 2012

I had my last group ukulele class this week with Kevin Carroll and I have to say, I’m a convert. See, what happened was…about a year ago I got a ukulele because EVERY. ONE. IN FOLK MUSIC. HAS ONE. It’s a little cliché but they’re fun, right? Except that it sat there because I had […]

We had a great time in Bozeman, Montana on Thursday. We stopped by the Gibson Guitar factory to see if we might look around, and while they only do tours on Wednesdays, a nice employee named Jeremy took us through the factory anyway. We saw how a guitar gets made starting from a flat piece […]

If you get it…

28, Jul 2012

…gigs will come. Get the guitar that is. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my new Epiphone…we have bonded faster than most any other instrument I have owned. This is a good thing because Susan asked if I would bring it to Amarillo next week and play a set with her band as a […]

Guitar Nerd

18, Jul 2012

I got a new guitar. It’s pretty gorgeous. (I’ll be loud and proud about my pretty guitar). My friend Geno (who owns Red Leaf School of Music – music lessons anyone?) also helps out at Larry Land Music in Bastrop. He’s been harassing me to come out and visit (just kidding, Geno only gently suggests), […]

A Good July

13, Jul 2012

It’s been an abnormal July because I’ve been home for most of it, as opposed to touring. We leave in July 31st for a tour all the way to Washington and back, so July has made me batten up my home hatches and appreciate being in the same bed every night. It’s been awesomely busy…I’ve […]