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I feel the need to blog more before it is 2014. Uh… I had the joy of spending the week before Christmas with the Traveling Red River Songwriters’ Tour…with the amazing Drew Kennedy, Walt Wilkins, Kelley Mickwee, Brandy Zdan, Josh Grider, and SusanG. We all gather for the Red River Songwriters’ Festival in January in […]

Heal Over

14, Apr 2013

Here’s us with a KT Tunstall song…re-recorded for acoustical purposes! Emily Shirley is great. Katie Lessley is great. Click their links!

My friend Charlie Faye asked me to help her make her new album pledge campaign video. Specifically she asked for my booking agent voice (example here). Help a friend get a great record made AND make silly voices? How could I say no to that? Here is the result: Here is Charlie’s PledgeMusic site where […]

Lots of good music stuffs going on this month…both spectating and participating. First up: HOBRO…an all girl band named HOBRO because we can. Elizabeth Wills, Christa Hillhouse, Susan Gibson, and moi formed a girl band to play our friend Anna’s benefit out in Wimberley, TX. We played only Susan Gibson songs, so it was kind […]

We had a great time at the Snowy Range Music Festival in Laramie this weekend…we got there a day early to see Macy Gray (Susan noted that a good Macy cover band should be called the Gracy Mays). I really only knew Macy from her big 1999 album and the song “I Try”…and her hair. […]

We have had a swell time this trip. A lot of it has been good pacing on the shows and driving and rest days, and a lot of it is we know some nice people in gorgeous places. After Bozeman we headed to Flathead Lake where the Gibson Family has a cabin and stayed up […]

Being a Tourist

12, Aug 2012

As gorgeous as our drives are…and as cool as the places are we visit to play music, we often see a town at dusk, play a show, stay overnight, and leave in the morning. This leaves hardly any time to really get to know a place. I’ve been to Taos several times over the past […]

A Good July

13, Jul 2012

It’s been an abnormal July because I’ve been home for most of it, as opposed to touring. We leave in July 31st for a tour all the way to Washington and back, so July has made me batten up my home hatches and appreciate being in the same bed every night. It’s been awesomely busy…I’ve […]

Awesomeness and Excess

15, May 2012

Sunday was a lovely day. I drove back from Houston with Elizabeth Wills, who had played a house concert there the night before. I took a nap and hopped in the car to go down to Gruene Hall, one of my most favorite venues on the planet for The Susan Gibson Band Extravaganza. It was […]

Yesterday I drove to Houston to see Lucy Kaplansky play at the Mucky Duck. Friends: “So…you have Sunday off from driving around for live music and you’re going to drive somewhere…for live music?” Me: “Absolutely.” Besides getting to go to a fun venue and hang out with Nancy Jane who has an iPod full of […]