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I had krav maga this morning, 6:45 AM sharp. It hurt to wake up. I was having some weird dream about being carted away to an internment camp…I need to stop reading conspiracy books. The initial infatuation with krav has faded into a deep respect for getting up early and punching and kicking things, but […]

Lady Gaga = Community

8, Apr 2011

What went through my mind just now… “Oh crap I haven’t blogged in a while.” “I’m seeing LADY GAGA tomorrow night, I need to blog about that.” “Oh look, new comments on my last post. One with a question that I should answer.” And this is why this post is about Lady Gaga and building […]

Making a New Fan

30, Mar 2011

This is a pretty impressive process these days, becoming a fan.  We have so much rattling through the hallways of our brains that it’s amazing any information stays in there at all, let alone has time to take root and be thought about for a while. Becoming a fan of something, a musician, a song, […]