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I really do like to learn…I am always up for a skim of a bevy of internet articles to say “I know a little about…” whatever it is I am trying to sound educated about. It’s a throwback to my history degree, where in the culmination of our Historiography class project our professor would not […]

We’re at that weird time where people no longer want STUFF as much. I just had a friend get rid of a few crates of CDs (example A) and he kindly offered me first look to see if there were any I wanted. I took NONE (example B). This is unprecedented for me, as I […]

I have joked that it’d be hard to move because I have too many books. This isn’t true, they’re not overflowing their shelves or a threat to my well-being should we get a random Central Texas earthquake (no heck please no), but I do have quite a few shelves full, many which have been with […]

Here we go! Day one of making…something every day. Blog posts, videos, lists, and apparently bar graphs are all fair game. This is a current chart. It will probably change, though some items are evergreen. The coffee+daydreams+writing are always there. The Tricuits are kinda new. It’s like eating fiber cereal but less gross. I feel […]

November: A Blog A Day

31, Oct 2017

November is Birthday Month. Scorpio Season. Ideally, when it actually gets cold in Central Texas. It’s always a month of assessment for me, and I realized I have been neglecting this blog lately. I always come back to it, and there was my vlog obsession of 2016 that has tapered off (but is also not […]

I’ll Be Kindled

18, May 2015

I am pleased to announce that my eBook “Money & Heart” is available exclusively on Kindle for a limited time promotion…and it’s heavily discounted! That’s how you roll on Amazon and I’m just happy to be in the massive behemoth of a store and available on your iPad or Fire or Galaxy or giant face […]

Birthday Shenanigans

22, Nov 2014

Well, I don’t know about “shenanigans” per trouble was made nor had while I turned another year older. We did have a great time, though. Since I work with Susan Gibson and work with The Bugle Boy, I managed to finagle a Susan Gibson show AT The Bugle Boy on my birthday. It was […]


11, Jan 2012

Interesting scenario this morning. Katie sends me a link to a Youtube video. It’s a cool version of a song I had never heard before (so technically it was a cover but since I didn’t know the original, eh)…being played by 5 people on 1 guitar. I see a TON of content every day, and […]

Et cetera

7, Dec 2011

Sometimes I want to post and can’t bring myself to write an opus or anything remotely coherent. I’m pulling a “make a list post” card because I can. Shout out to my list sistah Katie. – Gym Class Heroes‘ new album is fun to listen to and keeping my attention for multiple weeks. It’s rap, […]

The Intern

16, Mar 2011

First, IN MY DEFENSE…this photo makes me look like I was an intern in 1986, if you look at that computer.  In all reality, everything in our PBS station was from 1986, even though it was 2005.  I am not that old.  That was a crochety computer even then. Anyway…the other day we were at […]