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You can put chile, red or green, on anything. I have put it in oatmeal, on pizza, on hotdogs, on desserts. If they made red chile Oreos the world would be a better place.

I had the pleasure of witnessing Shawn Colvin play through her entire “A Few Small Repairs” album on Monday night. It’s the 20th anniversary of the album coming out, and also the first time she’s toured with a band in 20 years. It all came together incredibly at The Paramount in Austin, on the last […]

I call it pumpkin cake. Several of my family members call them “pumpkin bars.” I disagree even though the recipe, passed on from my Grandma herself, says “bars.” I contend that a bar is a denser, more compact type of dessert. A cake is fluffier, with a more crumby texture. I even have Google on […]

I thought I’d try to chart the comings and goings of the various guitars in my life…I have bought and sold many an instrument. The top of the heap is still my trusty Martin OM-15. It sounds amazing and looks like a fudgsicle. What more does one need? Note: I included basses in this list […]

I have been a huge Tori Amos fan since 2003 in college, when my friend Laura got upgraded to front row seats and took me along and I got to witness the Scarlet’s Walk album tour RIGHT UP FRONT. It was incredible. I have since seen Tori in several formats…solo at SXSW, with a string […]

My new age as of yesterday, 35 (!), is mentioned in this fabulous Mary Chapin Carpenter song…listen. The line…”35 makes us pause but we’re still undeterred.” That seems pretty true. Everyone I ran into this week said, “Yay 30’s! Wait until your 40’s, they get better!” Same for the 50-somethings. I hope that’s accurate. I […]

Who cannot help but viscerally react to Joan Osborne’s “One of Us” when that guitar riff starts?!? It’s iconic. It’s perfect. The song holds up. It’s in my 90’s high school nostalgic sweet spot. What if God was one of us, indeed?

Just keep yourself safe on the internets, kids.

This is pretty self-explanatory, but…it was a grand weekend of driving to Dallas for the gig, hanging out with friends and sleeping in their comfy guest bed (thanks Amy&Cheryl!), driving to La Grange, Susan‘s awesome show at The Bugle Boy, and the drive home. The whole way? The new T-Swift. I told you, I was […]

Many thanks to Wallbangers Photographic Memories for this photo from my set at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson on Friday! We had a blast, and it was an honor to play this stage with Susan and Marian. I broke in my new kicks which can be described as “bright” and we had ourselves a time. […]