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I’ll Be Kindled

18, May 2015

I am pleased to announce that my eBook “Money & Heart” is available exclusively on Kindle for a limited time promotion…and it’s heavily discounted! That’s how you roll on Amazon and I’m just happy to be in the massive behemoth of a store and available on your iPad or Fire or Galaxy or giant face […]

Birthday Shenanigans

22, Nov 2014

Well, I don’t know about “shenanigans” per trouble was made nor had while I turned another year older. We did have a great time, though. Since I work with Susan Gibson and work with The Bugle Boy, I managed to finagle a Susan Gibson show AT The Bugle Boy on my birthday. It was […]


11, Jan 2012

Interesting scenario this morning. Katie sends me a link to a Youtube video. It’s a cool version of a song I had never heard before (so technically it was a cover but since I didn’t know the original, eh)…being played by 5 people on 1 guitar. I see a TON of content every day, and […]

Et cetera

7, Dec 2011

Sometimes I want to post and can’t bring myself to write an opus or anything remotely coherent. I’m pulling a “make a list post” card because I can. Shout out to my list sistah Katie. – Gym Class Heroes‘ new album is fun to listen to and keeping my attention for multiple weeks. It’s rap, […]

The Intern

16, Mar 2011

First, IN MY DEFENSE…this photo makes me look like I was an intern in 1986, if you look at that computer.  In all reality, everything in our PBS station was from 1986, even though it was 2005.  I am not that old.  That was a crochety computer even then. Anyway…the other day we were at […]

Hi There.

4, Jan 2011

This is the new blog. It is so new there is nothing here yet, except all the usual stuff over there to your right. Video, photos, tweets…yadda. My blog archives, which stretch from 2007 until the end of 2010…will now permanently reside here. An archive resting place, of sorts. 2011 brings a new design, but […]