Hey, it’s me. I’m writing my own bio. Continue.

Just “singer-songwriter” doesn’t cut it anymore because I do a lot of things for my living that I like very much. I do write songs and play guitar. Sometimes I play live shows. Mostly at this point in time I just love and appreciate writing and making sounds come out of instruments. I have two EPs done (The Early Year and For & Against), and I will record another EP in the Fall of 2013. I really like writing songs…more than I like these things called cronuts, even.

I am a content creator. I make ridiculous videos for fun. I like the back and forth that social media affords us. I am so glad I started blogging in 2006, because now it’s 2013 and I can go and read what a dork I was and see how things haven’t changed at all. Actually, a lot has changed, but I still like being a dork.

I work with the awesomely talented, creative, and kind Susan Gibson. She is one my favorite songwriters and performers. She’s one of the true working troubadours in this business. We work together on her career and there are only two of us at her record label, but I like to say that Suz is the CEO and then we share every other job title that comes up.

I also work with Daniel Barrett at Rubicon Artist Development. Dan produced my first 2 EPs (and will produce the next!). He is an amazing musician but also a guru for developing well-rounded, healthy, purposeful musicians. I owe him a lot. I am involved in helping him produce and grow the next generation of performers who are in the Rubicon Year program.

People ask me if I have a defined career path yet, and I answer…this is it.  I am gainfully employed with the people I want to work with in the industry I grew up wanting to work in.  The music business is changing so much that if I had a set path, I’d be in trouble.

My goal is to remain nimble, to stay whimsical, and to be useful…and to do it in the company of people I believe in.  That’s the career path that’s working thus far.  To be continued.

Here’s my official music bio if that’s what you came here for:

“Her last name is as original and unique as she is…the real deal.” – Terri Hendrix

“Jana Pochop is a dynamic writer, singer and guitar player….With a uniquely original voice and a driving right hand rhythm style, she delivers a powerful solo show. With a totally honest approach, Jana writes lyrics that she had to have lived through”.
– Lloyd Maines

“Pochop proves she doesn’t need a GPS to navigate clear of streets jammed with fellow female singer/songwriters who lack her drive, vision and literary insights.”
– Austin inSITE Magazine – April, 2009

Jana Pochop

Jana Pochop (that “h” is still silent) is a singer-songwriter, content creator, and good idea hound based in Austin, Texas. Jana grew up in New Mexico and sought out Austin after getting a history degree. She cut her teeth in the Austin scene, playing as much as she could all around Central Texas and opening for cool folks like Terri Hendrix and Susan Gibson. In 2009 she started working with Gibson as a hybrid booking agent/road manager/assistant, and has traveled the country and learned nearly 50,000 useful things about the business of folk music from being in the van with a kick butt musician of Gibson’s caliber.

Jana has released two EPs so far; both were produced by Daniel Barrett of the band porterdavis. She played all the instruments on her first, entitled The Early Year. Her 2010 release, For & Against, recruits the talents of Daniel, bassist David Carroll, and vocals from Susan Gibson and Katie Lessley. For & Against is a symbol of the immense growth Jana has experienced from touring and playing all the time. It also has a brain and a heart on the cover, betraying her love for nerdiness.

J-Po, as she has come to be known in certain Texas music circles and on the streets of major urban cities, offers a dynamic mix of thoughtful writing and powerful musicianship both on her EPs and in her live show. She also blogs furiously, documenting her life as a musical entrepreneur.

Awards and Honors
2009 Kerrville Folk Festival Ballad Tree Selected Regional Performer
2009 Texas Songwriters Serenade Contest Semi-Finalist
2010 Texas Songwriters Serenade Contest Finalist

Jana Has Performed At:

Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse (Dallas, TX)
Flipnotics (Austin, TX)
Heights Live Series (Houston, TX)
Rhythms on the Rio Festival (Colorado)
Solid Grounds Series (Albuquerque, NM)

“It’s been a while since we’ve heard a folk female artist like Pochop, and if you haven’t heard her name in some big circles yet, I’ll wager you will, soon.” – Middle Tennessee Music Blog Review (2013)