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Hey hey, it’s my birthday! Seemed like a good excuse to launch a big ol’ piece of art…so here it is…the new single called Money & Heart. Money & Heart by Jana Pochop I played a gig out at Tips Concert Series earlier this year, with Susan Gibson and Kelley Mickwee. Mark Addison, producer extraordinaire, […]

Who cannot help but viscerally react to Joan Osborne’s “One of Us” when that guitar riff starts?!? It’s iconic. It’s perfect. The song holds up. It’s in my 90’s high school nostalgic sweet spot. What if God was one of us, indeed?

Just keep yourself safe on the internets, kids.

This is pretty self-explanatory, but…it was a grand weekend of driving to Dallas for the gig, hanging out with friends and sleeping in their comfy guest bed (thanks Amy&Cheryl!), driving to La Grange, Susan‘s awesome show at The Bugle Boy, and the drive home. The whole way? The new T-Swift. I told you, I was […]

Many thanks to Wallbangers Photographic Memories for this photo from my set at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson on Friday! We had a blast, and it was an honor to play this stage with Susan and Marian. I broke in my new kicks which can be described as “bright” and we had ourselves a time. […]

This is my music transport device today, as I am driving up to Richardson to play a gig with SusanG! and my car doesn’t have bluetooth and whatnot. Old fashioned CD burning it is…thank goodness my laptop can still burn a download, is all I’ll say. It’s new T-Swift album day (congrats, Taylor!). I am […]

I often wonder how I would survive in a world without Waze maps, the Kindle app, and Google in general. HOW DID PEOPLE KNOW THINGS? As I ponder this, the promise of just “unplugging” slips further away. I am attempting to find a balance between “overly stimulated” and “able to use technology as a tool.” […]

‘Twas a day of teaching and emails and a good songwriter hang, and there was not chance to make a bar graph. They can’t all be bar graphs, anyway. I found out through the social medias that Taylor Swift, after sorta disappearing for a year, won the CMA Song of the Year award for writing […]

I thought I’d make a little stress chart, as today I was sitting on the floor, changing my guitar strings, and a little stressed out as I am EVERY TIME I wind the new strings for the first time. They stretch and they pop and every time, I am pretty certain I am about to […]

I have been fortunate to see lots of places…many around the United States and now I’m starting to check off some international destinations as well. Someone asked me where I’ve been that I’d never want to go back, and I can’t say I have an answer for that yet. Of course I did connect with […]