Greetings from my couch (yep, it’s still here and still comfortable). We had a whirlwind trip to Red River, NM for the 2nd Annual Texas Red River Songwriters’ Festival. This was momentous because “2nd annual” means the first one worked well enough to do it again. Last year we had a small but mighty crowd and THIS year the festival attendance increased 7-fold. That’s not bad for Year Two.

This festival was the brainchild of my friend and fabulous songwriter Drew Kennedy, and he purposefully added the apostrophe at the end of Songwriters’ because the artists own the festival, which is cool and pretty dang unheard of in festival land. I’m so glad he asked Susan to be in on Year One, and this year I got to play a set at the “Wine and Music of New Mexico” wine-tasting event. Josh Grider is from Las Cruces and I represented ABQ. Maybe the only time I have gotten a gig BECAUSE I am a New Mexican.

All of the writers are awesome musicians, thinkers, and most of all…great people. We heard music from Walt Wilkins, Brandy Zdan, Kelly Mickwee, Mike Addington, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Josh, Drew, and Susan all weekend long.

Red River Songwriters' Festival

Susan’s birthday was smack in the middle of the festival so I got to join all the awesome folks onstage for our improvised but might I say very fun tribute to Susan. We played “Happiest When I’m Moving” which is a WAY better song than “Happy Birthday” ANY DAY (even on your birthday).

Birthday Suz

Brandy Zdan is seriously awesome, y’all. She’s from Canada and now she lives in Texas and how she doesn’t melt in the summer, I don’t know, but her songs are awesome and her guitar playing is divine.

Brandy Zdan

Walt and Tina Wilkins
are not only two of the finest musicians I know but the coolest people. They sang at Saturday morning breakfast and now breakfast will never be the same.

Walt and Tina Wilkins

Kelly and Brandy tore it up with a Beatles tune…

Kelley Mickwee and Brandy Zdan

And the Birthday Suz delivered awesome music all weekend long…made even better by the snowy backdrop. It’s 80 degrees in San Marcos today. I miss New Mexico.

Susan Gibson

Make plans for next year’s 3rd Annual…this thing might explode, and you might want to be in on it early before we start doing some crazy lottery system for wristbands because demand exceeds space. Red River is a small town, you know!

It’s been a great start to the new year…I’m settling into San Marcos life. I like this town because I can walk to the bank, grocery store, and two coffee shops really easily. This is exciting.


Aside from some gig stuff I haven’t done a ton of wandering because I am still settling into my new place, and after reading a lot of Apartment Therapy blog posts and thanks to the kindness of SusanG who hath bestowed light, I have some sweet lighting happening in the new place. Due to window and wall placement my living room is pretty dark, so light even during the day is essential. This warms it right up. This is as decorator-y as you will see me get.

Vintage lightbulb

The first show of the year for Susan was songswapping with Shelley King at Luckenbach, and Shelley and I found ourselves providing the beat via a 6-minute long game of patty cake onstage. We did awesomely, but our palms hurt.

Patty cake at Luckenbach

We also had a grand time at Oma’s Underground in Gruene, which I tell people is like a speakeasy because it’s underground (I think it’s an old cellar) but it’s really obvious where the door is, so it’s probably not a speakeasy. Right.


More good stuff ahead…after I take an 8 hour nap called bedtime.

Happy New Year from San Marcos, Texas! I drove to Albuquerque for Christmas, drove back and immediately moved out of my South Austin apartment and down to San Marcos. Moved with the help of an army of awesome friends, that is. As I told them, if they hadn’t helped, I would be crying in the parking lot of my old place re-signing a lease just so I wouldn’t have to move anything. I am not a fan of the moving process (who is?)

Unpacking is way more fun, and the neighborhood here in San Marcos is lovely. I haven’t explored a whole lot but having spent quite a bit of time here over the years, I am excited to live in a river town with a lot going on, and only a short drive back up to Austin (and a not-bad drive south to San Antonio!)

I’m slowly making progress and I just got internet hooked up yesterday (THANKGOODNESSIWASSOCUTOFFFROMSOCIETY) so I’m almost fully up and running. The kitchen and the office area are the big things and then…watch out, y’all.


I always do books first because they make a room look less empty. I do not organize my color, as this blog suggested. That’s weird.

Couch 1

Elizabeth donated her old couch the the cause called “Jana Needs Something to Sit On” and Amy and Cheryl have a truck and took it from Fort Worth to San Marcos for me. THIS TOOK A VILLAGE, people. But not the Village People. Everyone wore clothes and no one danced while moving.

Couch 2

Here it is in the new habitat. It’s the most comfy thing ever.

Gerald in a Terrarium

Gerald and his terrarium survived the move thanks to gentle handling. He’s enjoying his window.

Here’s to new starts for everyone…2013 is already good.

Happy January 2013!  I started out the year right with some arts and crafts.


Since I just moved and have had roommates for so long, I found that I had no plates or bowls to my name. Susan had an old set and had also read on Pinterest that if you Sharpie on them and bake them, they’re good to go. We had to do it.


Shanghai the Chihuahua

Some of the Sharpie rubbed off after the first baking, so I’ve been baking them again at a higher temperature for a longer time. Some of the color faded (which actually helped Shanghai turn to her natural color of brown), and I haven’t tested them under water yet, but I am hopeful because making your own dishes is COOL.

Carry on and have a creative 2013!