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All right…since I had to switch experiments after Day 1 this month, I’m doing a photo a day. It’s actually kind of fun to think about which moment I’d like to have encapsulate things for the day. Here’s week one! 1/1 – I hung out with Katie on New Year’s Eve! She wore this hat. […]

Corporate Culture

6, Jan 2012

Over Christmas I became obsessed with Better Off Ted – the show that was cancelled after two seasons. It’s like The Office crossed with Arrested Development. It makes me laugh out loud, especially these fake commercials for the fake company in the show. Here’s one of them: Susan charged me with making some like-minded commercials […]

Experiments Update

5, Jan 2012

Let me explain. I had a good one for January – I was going to walk every day. Walking is good for the body and for the brain. Except there have been a series of events in Austin over New Year’s that have made that a little bit hard to do…in that there is apparently […]

A Year of Experiments

1, Jan 2012

Happy New Year and all that implies! So far I have managed to nap, grocery shop, and take out the trash. This is actually considered progress. Starting tomorrow I’ll be on board with my first of 12 month-long life experiments. I say I’m starting tomorrow because I’m not quite sure what January’s is yet. The […]