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As I have mentioned, The Boss’s (aka Susan Gibson) new album TightRope comes out on Valentine’s Day. It’s been a lot of fun work to get things ready for the release…a flurry of artwork and emails and mailing labels and such. Such a flurry and so much fun that I kind of forgot that this […]

Is This Thing On?

10, Feb 2011

Oh hi. Blog. That thing I love to do. It’s been crazy! The weather alone calls for its own blog post…turns out that last week my zip code and very apartment were where the infamous “rolling blackouts of 2011” hit hardest here in Texas. At least that’s what my center of the universe complex tells […]


9, Feb 2011

Pretty excited, y’all. The new Susan CD TightRope is unleashed this week at the legenday Cactus Cafe in Austin and at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas. I spent today doing tiny little important things, like switching the online store over to take pre-orders and uploading the album to the digital distributor. They like big giant […]