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Since I literally have 4 offices (Red Leaf, Rubicon, SusanG, and my home office), I thought I’d show you what the music school desk contains.  We have a great vibe here at Red Leaf School of Music, and Bob Dylan hangs out on my desk, backed by a significantly darker shade of green than the […]

This guitar strap is the coolest. My buddies Jamie and Mike got it for me. They wanted to get me something New Mexican…they succeeded. Now I get to think of them every time play! I made an impulse buy the other day with some rogue Christmas money and it came in the mail today.  See, […]

That’s right, folks.  For those of you who follow and adore Susan Gibson, she has a new record coming out on Valentine’s Day.  It is called TightRope.  It is awesome. Susan Gibson: Golden Key Cards! from Susan Gibson on Vimeo.

Except my ForTheRecords office has awesome green walls, Christmas lights, and bottomless Topo Chico.  (If there is a bottom to the Topo, I haven’t hit it yet). It also has the largest desk name plate known to man.  So large, in fact, that it’s not a desk name plate at all…it’s a wall plaque.  My […]


5, Jan 2011

Here is my abstract, floaty post for the week.  I am chomping on some cinnamon gum before the stress of 1000 tiny little tasks eats me alive.  Tiny tasks are not supposed to cause this much need for chewing something.  This is not a whine, it is an outlet.  It’s my blog, so there.  Amen.

Would You Rather

4, Jan 2011

The other night we played a rousing game of Would You Rather, a Christmas present from my dear sister.  This game consists of predicting what your fellow players will say when you ask them something like, “Would you rather smell through your feet or breathe through your fingers?”  It’s something that makes you ponder.  Or […]

Hi There.

4, Jan 2011

This is the new blog. It is so new there is nothing here yet, except all the usual stuff over there to your right. Video, photos, tweets…yadda. My blog archives, which stretch from 2007 until the end of 2010…will now permanently reside here. An archive resting place, of sorts. 2011 brings a new design, but […]