So this is exciting. I had a great time teaching a couple of rounds of Lilith Fair Guitar and I thought, “What else am I obsessed with that I can teach to others?” Well, the answer became clear:

And, a Songwriting Class and a CAGED Lead Theory class (about playing cool lead parts up the guitar neck…nothing scary, I promise). Join at!

I took a while to put this up, probably to prolong the good vibes of travel. I had a blast of a day in London…including a stop at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Grill, which makes the 3rd Ramsay establishment I have visited. Gotta catch ’em all!

I also entertained my macabre side with a Jack the Ripper tour…I won’t lie, as the tour went on and the night got darker, I got more creeped out. Even in modern, posh, expensive London, you can feel a ghost or 3 around sometimes.

Because…a glut is a good thing? Scroll down and go up for chronological order!

Vlog 34: Isle of Wight

Vlog 33: Edinburgh

Vlog 32: Dublin to Glasgow

Vlog 31: IRELAND!

9 Aug

This is the first leg of our European tour…first we New York it!

Vlog 29: Secret Stuff

26 Jul


Vlog 27: New Mexico

14 Jul

You guys. Since usually my tour calendar is a big ol’ list of “Booking Something Soon,” I had to screenshot this one. It’s definitely the most varied and um…far apart my gigs have been. I’m getting really excited to get on a plane and head to Ireland, Scotland, and the UK with Kiya Heartwood and Anna Harris in August. Seems like we’ve been looking forward to this forever, and now we leave in almost a month. We’ll be playing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Ventnor Fringe Festival, as well as a date in Dublin. Kiya has planned for lots of touring around the country so we get to see things, which is amazing, because it’s my first time to this part of the world.

In the meantime…I’ll be plotting how to pack lightly, pack my electric guitar well, and practicing!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.18.59 PM

Vlog 26: Sick Vlog

30 Jun